6 Ways To Use My New Digital Video Camera: The Flip

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After drooling over The Flip digital video camera, I went out and got one …. and in my excitement to use it, I started thinking about all the different ways to use it ….

Here are just a couple of productive uses for The Flip:

  1. Virtual Home Tours — Real estate agents could do a quick walk around a house with The Flip in hand, talking about the various features of the property.
  2. Video Blogging — I plan to do some of this, if I don’t get overly camera shy, but like Darren does, you could talk briefly about your ideas and quickly get them up on your blog.
  3. Man-On-The-Street Interviews — This could go for any other quick “on-the-spot” interview, like I’ve seen done in the past at conferences. Please the red record button and start asking questions.
  4. Puppies and Kiddos — We don’t have kids, so I added in the puppies here, but as I’ve mentioned before, most events I’ve wanted to record are relatively short — say 5 minutes max — like my beautiful nieces and nephew running around and dragging me along for the ride.
  5. Spot News — Weather is the category that comes immediately to mind here — tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, etc. — but also other “spot” news like, well, you can fill in that blank here.
  6. Just Broadcast Yourself — With the handy YouTube upload feature included, you can broadcast you, your stupid human tricks and stunts and whatever else you want.

I’m sure there are a dozen more uses, but do you have more to suggest that I missed?

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