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The Key Missing Ingredient to Effective WordPress Websites

So many times in my own freelancing web design experience, I’ve found that I’d get a website done for a client, only to wait for content. And wait. And wait. And wait.

It’s a sad fact about most websites. They simply don’t have good content (or content at all) to properly market and sell their products and services. Their content does not get their site indexed and then ranked for that content in the search engines, which is essential to drive leads and sales for their businesses.

For many web designers, content is the biggest frustration. Their projects are completed, but left waiting on the client to provide the content.

From the client’s side, the website owner’s perspective, writing is tough.

Admit it: We all might think we can write the content about our business or organization, but when it comes down to it, we don’t have the time and energy, or perhaps even expertise to do it well. After all, if you’re a dentist, or a real estate agent, the expertise you might be paid well for isn’t writing web copy.

Getting a good WordPress website is the first step to growing your business online … but content is what drives the action, making that vehicle come alive and drive and grow business.

Content marketing is all the words, images, videos, etc that inform, educate and sell. And it’s absolutely essential for a good effective website.

That’s why I’m excited to share that my wife, Lindsey, an experienced entrepreneur, has started a content marketing business called Click Start Creative.

If you’re a web designer who wants a partner to help their clients with content, or a website owner stuck in neutral with content marketing, go check out Lindsey’s new business today. She can schedule a phone call to talk about your business and your goals and then translate that into an action plan to get your business growing online today.

As you might expect, I highly recommend her.


My Best Practices For Using Webinars in Business

I have used webinars for several years now and I love them.  

I don’t like organizing in-person events because of all the logstics, people involved and cost. So whenever possible, we’ve scheduled webinars to showcase our products, do advanced training and offer practical content.

In fact, we built an entire training division using them. (At we stream 15-20 hours of new content every month using webinars. And at iThemesTV, another 1 hour or so training a week.)

Along the way, we’ve picked up some best practices from just doing them week in and week out and seeing how others do them.

So I gathered these up and put them into a free ebook titled 15 Best Practices for Rockin’ Webinars

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • What is a webinar anyway
  • 6 benefits for using webinars in your business
  • How to make the most out of your webinars (and your attendees happy)
  • Recommended resources for webinars
  • How to record your webinar
  • 5 tips to remember during your webinar presentation and more




5 Tips to Think About While Presenting Your Webinar

We are all guilty of focusing on the pre-presentation process. Getting our topic, making our slides and then worrying about marketing and getting our webinar ready. BUT there are a few things to keep in mind when doing your presentation.

I have been sitting in many webinars lately, and it seems that no matter how prepared the presenters are they are forgetting some key components, so here are some quick tips:

  1. Speak loud. Don’t make your listeners adjust their volume. No attendee should have to stop the presentation to ask you to speak louder. So ensure that your audio is clear and loud and you’re speaking with voice.
  2. Go slowly. Do not run quickly through your slides. Some people are listening to you, others are reading, some are doing both. Make sure your attendees have ample time to see and read your slides. This also means if you’re showing something on your screen (like software overview) that you need to slow down how your mouse moves around the screen. Think slow motion mouse movements!
  3. Start on time. One thing your attendees will not forgive you for is being late. Even if it is 3 minutes. I sat through a webinar this week by a major company and they were 5 minutes late. Big mistake. My time like your audience’s time is money.
  4. Make time for Q&A. Make sure you leave ample time for questions and answers. If you have so much information then you need to make your webinar a two or three part series. Make sure your attendees have time to get their questions answered. After all, you have a captive audience.
  5. Show gratitude. Make sure you thank your attendees for taking time out of their day to listen to your presentation. There is nothing worse than a presenter for a webinar I am in to make me feel like I should be grateful they are taking time out of their day for me. It is the other way around.

Do not get too caught up in your preparation to forget these simple tips for your webinar. They may be small, but they are essential in hosting a successful webinar.

What Happens If No One Shows Up To Your Webinar

So you have planned your webinar, created your presentation, emailed your list and rehearsed your presentation. You are 100% ready to share with the world your knowledge and expertise. What happens? Your worst nightmare.

No one shows up. What do you do?

  • Don’t get discouraged — I know it is disheartening when no one attends your webinar. It’s happened to me!
  • DO THE PRESENTATION ANYWAY — Act like you are presenting to the group of people that you thought would be there. You can use your recording later. No one but you knows how many people heard it live.
  • Use the recording to get people to attend your next webinar — Post it on your blog, tweet it out and then email it to your list. It will be a perfect way to showcase your expertise and show everyone why they should be in your next webinar.

If you follow these steps your future webinars will likely have more attendees. Remember what Cory always says, “there is no such thing as an overnight success.”

Our Recommended Resources for Running Webinars

Here are the recommended resources for producing great webinars … some of these are broader than simply webinars but must-haves for making the best use of webinars today:

Books: Content Rules — this is THE definitive guide to content marketing. See the chapter on Webinars specifically but the whole book is worth 100 times its weight in gold.

Software: GoToWebinar

Video hosting: Vimeo, Viddler, Wistia — video hosting isn’t cheap, but check out these quality sources

Screen recording software: Camtasia (PC or Mac) and Screenflow (Mac)

Microphones: Blue Snowflake (very portable & good for screencasting) and Blue Yeti (big and stable)

Website hosting: HostGator — best in the business, hands down!

Email newsletter services: Aweber, MailChimp and EmailBuddy (WordPress plugin)

Essential Ingredients to Running a Website with WordPress:

  • iThemes Builder — build great WordPress websites easily
  • Backup Buddy — make sure your site has a good backup AND restore plan in place
  • Gravity Forms easily add forms to your site, from simple contact forms to advanced registration forms