Marketing Webinar Basics

6 Benefits of Doing Webinars

We’ve been doing webinars since 2008, and have seen so many amazing benefits of using webinars for our business.

Here are some of the highlight benefits of doing webinars for your business or organization:

  • Offer educational marketing — teaching is the new marketing. Sharing your experience and expertise with your followers, audience, community reaps benefits as they look to you as the trusted resources
  • Be human and give a personal touch — for a long time, we ran an online product business and therefore did not do phone support. Having regular webinars allowed our community and customers to hear us talk about what we do best. It made us human and not just a website to them.
  • Reach a worldwide audience — Webinars are cheaper than traveling and JUST as effective. As you know travel is extremely expensive and doing webinars allows us to reach global and let our customers stay in the comfort of their own homes or offices while you present your subject to them or show them a walkthrough of your products via screen sharing
  • Fill a training void — if there’s a lack of good, quality and affordable training in your niche, you can offer outstanding opportunities for your prospects and customers to learn from YOU — the expert.
  • Work smarter, not harder — you’re bound to be getting common questions that you could do a webinar, record it, and give to clients. Now you’ve multiplied your time and impact.
  • Crystalize your presentation skills — Doing webinars makes you a better presenter in-person and online. It forces you to think about your subject, organize your thoughts and then communicate it effectively to your audience.

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