Marketing Webinar Basics

Our Recommended Resources for Running Webinars

Here are the recommended resources for producing great webinars … some of these are broader than simply webinars but must-haves for making the best use of webinars today:

Books: Content Rules — this is THE definitive guide to content marketing. See the chapter on Webinars specifically but the whole book is worth 100 times its weight in gold.

Software: GoToWebinar

Video hosting: Vimeo, Viddler, Wistia — video hosting isn’t cheap, but check out these quality sources

Screen recording software: Camtasia (PC or Mac) and Screenflow (Mac)

Microphones: Blue Snowflake (very portable & good for screencasting) and Blue Yeti (big and stable)

Website hosting: HostGator — best in the business, hands down!

Email newsletter services: Aweber, MailChimp and EmailBuddy (WordPress plugin)

Essential Ingredients to Running a Website with WordPress:

  • iThemes Builder — build great WordPress websites easily
  • Backup Buddy — make sure your site has a good backup AND restore plan in place
  • Gravity Forms easily add forms to your site, from simple contact forms to advanced registration forms

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