Startup Handbook

Introducing The Startup Handbook Series

As part of StartupSofa, I am going to be sharing our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that I have been rough drafting for iThemes for several months (well, ok, years) but just now filtering through our internet communications.

I’m calling this series the Startup Handbook … it is my/our way of doing things, our formula if you will.

The goal of doing this for our team is to communication our “way” of doing things, our procedures, values, etc. for new people we add to our team.

I quickly realized that if all of this information was locked in my head, I would quickly go crazy and also become the bottleneck for our business.

I think this is a big area where founders, like me, struggle. Taking a one-person shop and becoming a team as you add more and more people to the equation. And the tendency for founders is to micromanage and hang onto everything we can because “it’ll get done the way I want it” or “the right way if I just do it.”

That’s a recipe for disaster.

So anyway, here is the first SOP or post in the Startup Handbook series, which is an introduction followed by some videos I did for it …


I did these short videos this week to highlight some of the core values and philosophies that define us as a team and business.

My purpose in these videos is simple: I want you to get to know us and what we’re about at our core.

They can also double as our team handbook as we preach and teach these daily.

If you know who we are, then you’ll better understand how and why we do things, deepen your relationship and trust with us, and ultimately, be happier in our community knowing these things, which makes us happy!

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