A New Web 2.0 Landing Page Theme for Parked Domains

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Here’s a scenario I’ve seen happen a dozen times … you get an idea for a new website, so you race over to GoDaddy and register the domain name. After a while, you have 10 domain names without any content. No website is launched for your great idea. You might even have the default pay-per-click parking page provided by the domain name registrar sitting on the domain.

In fact, I just recently helped a friend of mine create a landing page for a domain he owns that he’s currently developing branding and websites for.

After having worked with dozens of clients with similar experiences, it seems like such a waste …

Especially when you could create a quick PDF report for your site, get an email newsletter solution like Aweber, and throw a quick pay-per-click campaign with Google AdWords at the site …

So we decided to commission a great WP designer Tim Bedner to help us launch a Web 2.0 landing page theme to fill this need.

Enter the Ignite premium WordPress landing page theme … this theme comes with professional support, 4 pre-built colors and allows you to:

  • Go live with a temporary website for your parked domains
  • Start building your launch email newsletter
  • Get your content indexed by Google

Test drive it here and learn more about purchasing it here.

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