A Super Simple Formula for Better Google Results

So Google is dominating search even more …

The question is: Are you talking to the search engine powerhouse?

Are you giving Google a roadmap to your content by using the free or cheap resources available on the Web?

Here’s the super simple formula I’ve used for two years of blogging:

+ Sitemap Plugin
+ Pretty Permalinks
+ Good Headline Writing

+ SEO-ized Theme
= Better Google Results

It works.

I could show you my first blog’s stats and how I’ve barely even touched it for the last 8 months (hey, I’ve been distracted) and how it still gets 500-600 daily visitors without any real effort on my part now.

Now … I didn’t say you’ll get traffic equivalent of rush hour in L.A.

But … you can get targeted and residual traffic within a niche that happens to be YOUR TARGET MARKET.

This formula … it’s really too simple … because I’ve explained it dozens of times to clients and people still search for the magic bullet … so I’m working on a more complex formula that actually incorporates some sort of quantum physics (or at least some mathematical jargon) I don’t even understand.

I think only then will people stop wasting their time past that simple formula and refocus that energy on creating better content.

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