Be So Good …

Actor Steve Martin famously said:

Be so good … they can’t ignore you.

If I may add, Mr. Martin, to your great advice, the following, which is an edited version I shared with our team today.

For your clients and customers ….

Be so good … they know you truly love and care about them.
Be so good … they think of you as family.
Be so good … they trust and follow you, eagerly.
Be so good … they measure everyone else by you.
Be so good … they treasure your work, your experience, your expertise.
Be so good … they feel fortunate to have met you.
Be so good … they want to pay more, and extra, and in advance.
Be so good … they feel you’re one of the only people who truly *gets* them.
Be so good … they know you are there for them when they need you most.
Be so good … they think of you as a beloved superhero who saves the day.
Be so good … they would tattoo their bodies with your brand.
Be so good … they simply can’t imagine life without you.

For your competitors …

Be so good … they look like little leaguers trying to play in the pros. (But aren’t they cute in those uniforms though?)
Be so good … they question how they so gravely misunderstood the industry or their customers.
Be so good … they have to (try to) copy you, or even better, want to steal from you.
Be so good … they desperately want (and need) to join, follow or partner with you.

And if they really don’t get the message …

Be so good … they give up, bow out, plead for mercy … or just fail. After all, no one can serve your customers like you.

For your enemies and critics …

Be so good … they hate you for all the good you do.
Be so good … at your mission, your purpose, your path, your work … that they just serve to strengthen your focus, your resolve, your drive to do more good.
Be so good … no one can remember their name, or cares to.
Be so good … you don’t care either.
Be so good … you know better.
Be so good … others notice the twisted glasses they see life through and wonder about their sanity.
Be so good … that merely criticizing you makes them look as blatantly silly and stupid as they are.
Be so good … they implode in their own impotence and jealousy.
Be so good … they can only wallow in their failure and futility.
Be so good … their words are seen as it is, outright lies and baseless slander.
Be so good … your customers are deeply offended by them and, in fact, want to fight them for you.

Or in short …

Be so good … your customers revere you for making their lives awesome, your competitors give up and become your followers and collaborators, and your critics … what critics?


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  1. Hi Cory:

    As long as you focus on always delivering for your customers and clients, you’ll never need to worry about competitors or enemies. And why would we anyway?

    Jealousy, hate, envy, criticism: pointless wastes of mental and emotional energy.

    One thing I’ve learned in the last three years is not everyone in the industry will be your friend, and not everyone will be your enemy either. These things matter much less than sticking to your core values, and having honesty and integrity.

    Criticizing others who do what we do benefits no one, even if it makes us feel better if we bash others. But it makes the criticizer look petty. Calling people out is just sinking to that level or worse.

    I never want to see anyone quit or implode. I’d love to see everyone evolve their business and their personal selves, but you can only control your own actions. You know?

    Good to see you doing well and congratulations on the eight year anniversary of iThemes. You’re doing a great thing with WProsper.

    PS: having my best year to date, with no signs of slowing down…thanks so much for being a good role model for the WP community.

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