Business Is Always Intensely Personal

You should always take business intensely personal.

I certainly do.

I’m a firmer believer that if you dedicate your life – 40-plus hours a week, five days a week – to anything, it oughta be worthwhile – and include both healthy doses of purpose and passion.

You breathe life into your work. You put your signature on it. You invest the bulk of your life in the practice of it.

So it goes to say … anything worthwhile … anything you’re that passionate about and spend that significant amount of your life in … is always personal.

And yes, by the way, you support yourself and your family through it. Your family is actually fed through your work and live under the roof they do because you can pay your monthly mortgage through it.

Let me ask this: What could be more personal than that?

So suffice to say … the people who don’t take business that personal probably don’t care enough about their business or work or what they’re doing.

If not, it’s simply a temp job … a mere stage or season in life.

I think they are probably headed to failure as well, or worse mediocrity.

So yes, I get upset when someone insults our business, team or work by blind criticism that doesn’t help us get better for our community.

Yes, I get angry when other people do things that undermine what we do or leech our hard work for their own selfish gain.

Our team is my extended family. We’re living life together doing work we love and seeking to continually improve what we do (solve problems for our community) so we can continue to do what we love for a long, long time.

If you seek to mess with that in any way, you’re messing with the most personal aspects of my life … but I gotta say … it’s pretty darn good motivation and stokes a fire within us to be and do better for the customers who continue to support us.

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