Real Estate Agents: Get Yourself a Blog

Check out Kristal Kraft’s Denver real estate and relocation blog here.

She’s also got a really effective website as well called Kristal Sells Denver.

This is an exceptional example of using blogs to market yourself and your services. She’s got relocation information scattered about her blog, pictures of Denver events, links to other Denver bloggers, and a beautiful photo header of the Denver skyline.

The biggest thing I’d suggest doing differently though … and worth mentioning … is hosting her blog on her domain name, versus the hosted blog solution.

The reason for this is that by hosting on your own domain, you invest in the value of your own domain versus anothers.

For instance, she’s bound to be getting inbound links (links from other people) to her blog.
Links, in the search engine world, are like votes. They help you rise to the top of search engine rankings. Right now, links to her blog aren’t helping her awesome website.

So if you’re spending time and energy on writing a blog in the first place … be sure you’re pouring your efforts into your domain name. It’ll benefit you and your company in the long-term!

If you’re a real estate agent … you should be blogging about your business!

Looking at Kristal’s example, you could be:

  • Blogging about relocation information and giving useful links
  • Blogging about how neat it is to live in your city and “the burbs”
  • Posting photos of events using Flickr & the beauty of your city
  • Showcasing your expertise and teaching others about real estate and your market
  • Ranking higher in the search engines for your city’s relocation information
  • Getting inbound links from your city’s other bloggers
  • One of the first people those who are relocating to your city meet (you’re a real face, a real person that they know – virtually – in your city)

[Found via BusinessBlogConsulting]