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It Is Finished …

Easter means a lot of different things to people …

To believers in Jesus Christ, it means in a simple way: “It is finished.”

Those are words spoken by Jesus Himself as He hung on a Roman cross and was crucified, although He was innocent of the crimes brought against Him.

I was reminded of those words by a fellow designer and believer today, on Good Friday … it is a good reminder.

What did He finish?

The work He was sent here to do … to live a perfect, sinless life … to die for our sins … to be resurrected from the grave … and to redeem us (to buy us out of our slavery to sin by dying on a wooden beam).

He finished His work … for my sins. For yours.

He took my place on the cross.

He can take away, forgive, forget, remove … your debt of sin against God too.

… you know … recently I saw a trailer of a movie … in the movie, a young girl looks upon a statue of Jesus with His hands open wide and welcoming. A young man whispers in her ear: “Those arms were meant for you.”

The hands of the LIVING Savior are meant for you too, my friend.

Call out to Him … the resurrected King … the Crucified God … the Good Shepherd.

… He is welcoming, indeed.

My Testimony

My life was changed forever on Feb. 7, 2002, when I entered an office building to meet with a pastor for a simple job interview.

That day, this pastor asked me a simple yet profound question — one I had never fully been confronted with. He said, “Cory, if you died today, and stood before your Maker, what would you say when He asked you why He should let you into heaven?”

I replied with the answer most Americans would give when asked this question: “I’m a good person. I’ve lived a good life.”

I had, after all, lived a good life and was a good person … in the eyes of man. Read More→