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Protect Your WordPress Site and Content with Backup Buddy

I’m super pumped to announce BackupBuddy 3.0 is out and into the wild!

We believe it’s the MOST essential plugin you can have running on your WordPress site … because what good is it to write content, upload your photos and get your site all blinged out only to lose it all because of malware, operator error or server crashes.

Yes, there are a number of so-called WordPress backup solutions out there … but a complete backup strategy is one that doesn’t just do backups … but allows you to easily and quickly RESTORE your site if something goes wrong … OR MOVE your WordPress site to another server.

That’s why we built BackupBuddy. It stands alone.

If you’re a web developer, you’ll easily pay for BackupBuddy in one job as you can move a client site from your sandbox to a live domain quickly — preserving ALL your theme tweaks, plugins, settings, even non-WP stuff.

Here’s what Jason Schuller of Press75 says about BackupBuddy:

“My business is powered by WordPress which means that having a backup of every change I make is pretty much a necessity. With that in mind, the first plugin I activate with any new WordPress install is BackupBuddy. Once activated, it takes two minutes to configure after which you can just let it do it’s job without ever having to worry about your site files or data ever again.”

So how much is your site content and the time and energy you spent on it worth?

Get BackupBuddy today!

Plus, we’re offering a discount on BackupBuddy 3.0 through June so it’s even more affordable!

Backup WordPress Sites Easily

Although we’ve offered our Billboard plugin for the last year, our first official plugin is called BackupBuddy.

We think this is a MUCH needed plugin solution for EVERY WordPress user ….

BackupBuddy is an easy, all-in-one solution for backups, restoration and migration.

Here’s what that means ….

  • Backup your entire WordPress install
  • Restore your WordPress site fast
  • Migrate a WordPress site to another domain easily

Check out BackupBuddy and some overview videos of it here

Gravity Forms: One Awesome WordPress Form Plugin

Using web forms on your website or even blog is critical to being able to use it as a sales tool for your business. Without fail, every site we launch typically has at least one form — a contact form. But with our business, we use forms to better understand what our customers want. So having a web form generator has always been a top priority and until now we’ve always used an online form generator like Icebrrg or Wufoo.

But the guys over at Rocket Genius have launched Gravity Forms, a powerful, robust premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add all kinds of forms to your site.

We bought the developer’s license to use on our own sites and have found it to be extremely useful in our work. We think it can be for yours too.

Here’s an overview video I did on Gravity Forms ….

Click here to visit Gravity Forms and learn about purchasing and support options

Super Easy File Uploading in WordPress

WP programming genius Chris Jean has recently posted a new plugin called WP Easy Uploader that allows you to upload files, like images, plugins and even THEMES to WordPress inside WordPress (read: no FTP needed) …

This is an awesome plugin and helps present a neat solution for our WP clients. Before this plugin, if you didn’t know how to use FTP (see our FTP Demystified post here), then you had to somehow upload photos or whatever through the Write Post panel, then somehow link them.

Also: For hard-core programmers, check out his excellent Developer’s Assistant plugin too. I’m far from being a programmer, but with this plugin, someone smarter than me could create and troubleshoot all kinds of things within the WP Dashboard.

Kudos Chris! Keep up the excellent work!

Bundle The WordPress Plugins You Want In Your Installation Zip

Wth WPZipper, you can get all (or most) of the plugins you want installed in your new WordPress blog zipped together in one neat little bundle.

Pretty neat idea …