End Customers Emails With a Question

I’ve mentioned before that every freelancer as well as small business website should have a contact form on their website. If you’re using WordPress, there are two great free contact form plugins you could start using today.

Actual contact forms are FAR superior to the the old mailto email links, where you click on an email address and it opens up your email software.

(We get a ton of customer contacts through email and I’d estimate we get around 95% of our total communications come from them. The others typically contact me directly through my email address — cory at ithemes dot com — but even then it’s usually in response to an email already sent.)

Anyway, today, as I was responding to a customer who was asking a question about one of our themes, it dawned on me that when I just simply answer customer questions then end with “let me know if you have any other questions” that it seems to close the conversation most of the time. Especially if I just say “Thanks!” or simply close it with my name as I’ve done too many times.

But I’ve realized that if I end the email with an open-ended question like “Does this help answer your question?” that it keeps the conversation open in the mind of the recipient while also helping to meet their needs fully and completely.

And hopefully, it propels them on in the sales process and results in a purchase. And more importantly, customers who know what they are buying and more likely to be satisified with their purchase!

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