Find Out Who Else Is On Your Web Hosting Server

A friend of mine who’ll go nameless has had some seriously slowdown problems on his sites. After contacting his web host, he finally resolved to get a dedicated server, which ain’t cheap if you’re used to spending $15 a month on hosting or less.

Anyway, in the process of hearing the pains involved in moving his hosting, I wanted to see who all was on his shared hosting account … and I found a neat service that tracks who else has the same IP address as you called MyIPNeighbors.

I was a tad shocked to see my own hosting plans (on two different companies) … I’m sharing server space with between 400 and 600 domains.

While researching hosting companies in the past, I wonder if this is in the category or on the fringes of classic “overselling?”

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You have to take some of those lookups with a grain of salt. We have numerous clients that register the .com/net/org for every domain they own. That would show three times the domains but not really three times the activity on the server.

Either way, this is a fun tool for snooping.

Cory – I remember in the early days of DSL, I sold equipment to an ISP who had a single T1 to the internet but advertised “faster than T1” downloads on his DSL service.

I would hear that radio ad and shake my head – Paul Harvey would have told the rest of the story “faster than T1 to the ISP and than much, much slower the rest of the way.”

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