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I’ve been reading Dosh Dosh, a site dedicated to helping you make money online, for a couple of months now and have been impressed by not only the practical advice I’ve gleaned off it, but also the style and quality of blog writing you can find there. So I emailed Maki a couple of questions to see if he’d share his expertise with you all.

Here’s the outstanding answers he sent to my questions:

1. You write consistently excellent titles … what quick advice can you give for helping business bloggers?

The title and copy you should use really depends on your specific topic and the voice needed. There is no guideline or template which is absolutely necessary. I would suggest focusing on creating titles which are descriptive and relevant to your main copy. Over selling in your titles can be a turnoff if your content doesn’t match what you’re promising ( i.e. don’t call an article an ‘ultimate guide’ if it isn’t comprehensive or value-packed). Last of all, mix it up and play around with your copy. Don’t use the same title formats all the time as they can get rather predictable or dull.

2. Follow-up, you write posts that are quick reads, scannable, and value-packed … advice?

Always write with the view that your audience might not be privy to the knowledge you have. Don’t assume that everyone has examined the same subject in equal depth or knows all the intricate details for an product or service. Always try to make your content easy to understand. This allows you to communicate your ideas effectively and content is all about communicating concepts and ideas to people who may or may not be familiar to them.

3. What one thing would you encourage a new business blogger to do?

Don’t sell your product or business aggressively. Instead sell the benefits of your product, business or service by writing about the industry/niche you are in. Build trust and offer value before extracting profits. Developing a strong reputation for your brand is more important than initially selling units or services. Aim to be regarded as an authority on a specific topic and naturally you will be able to increase the perceived value of your business and hence, your selling price.

4. Why should more small businesses be blogging?

Small businesses should blog because of several reasons. Firstly, a blog gives a small business a lot more search engine visibility and hence, possibly more targeted search engine traffic if you successfully rank for a variety of longtail and core keywords. Traffic converts into supporters and customers if you have an effective conversion model in place.

Secondly, a blog is a good platform to build one’s business brand by offering free information, tools or actively networking with bloggers within one’s niche. Sending out links and making friends or connections through blogging will eventually extend your business reach and reputation.

Lastly, a blog allows one to project a specific voice or quality. CEOs often have ghost writers maintain blogs for them because it humanizes management and evokes familiarity, both of which are qualities needed to build successful long term relationships with associates and customers.

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