Friendship Is Not Competition

Friendship is not competition.

There’s a big and vast difference.

Sure, our monthly poker game is cool where maybe I lose $50 to get a night full of camaraderie and entertainment. Or our fishing trip where we see who can (or cannot) catch the most fish. And yes, arm wrestling in the middle of the night, knowing I’m going to get beat. (Real life examples.)

But the serious and meaningful life and biz stuff … no thank you.

If you want my “friendship” in order to compare and compete on stuff like money, status, or material things … uncheck the friend box please.

Don’t call it friendship.

Call it what it is: Making yourself feel better in those categories by associating with me.

Calling that friendship distorts and corrupts what real friendship is.

See, my friendship is not a trophy for your mantel.

But if you’d prefer authenticity, like shields down, masks off, trust and respect, “I’m not alone” iceberg stuff, like having someone to celebrate all your successes without any shadow motive … or someone to walk alongside you during your struggles, knowing it will likely be my turn next … well, check the friend box to me. Please.

I and the rest of us need more of those kinds of real friendships.

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3 responses to “Friendship Is Not Competition”

  1. Disclosure: I have been guilty of this in the past. Like *really* guilty.

    I want to go on record and say that, years ago, I was guilty of this with you. And it severely affected our friendship. I lost a good friend, and that is something that deeply saddens me.

    Truthfully, I don’t think airing laundry in the open is usually the right way to go about things, but for context and to illustrate how real this is in our space, I felt it necessary.

    Proud of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and most importantly, how you serve people.

    1. Hey Brian, thank you for your comments. I agree regarding keeping private things private. To say the least, this was not aimed at one person, but has been enough of a theme for me that it finally warranted a public post.

      Very happy for you as well! Looking forward to what your next chapter looks like.

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