Fruits from Your Labor: Customer Testimonials

Entrepreneurship comes with its share of frustrations, heartaches and worries, but occasionally you get some great feedback from customers that make it all worthwhile, while also bolstering your confidence in what you set out to do.

As an entrpreneur, you set out to do certain things, above making a profit. Things like building great products and a process that results in customers being so happy that they not only continue to buy from you in the future, but tell their friends about your stuff.

Besides a healthy bottomline, one of the great ways I’ve seen my goals for our business verified is in the customer testimonials we receive from time to time.

Last week, we received three separate, unbaited testimonials from customers about our WordPress themes.

These types of customer feedback serve our business in two key ways:

  • Affirmation and encouragement for what we’re doing
  • Sales tools for other customer on the fence (some might call this social proof)


If you’re looking for ways to get customer testimonials like these, here’s the best way to find them: In your emails with customers! Most of the customer testimonials we feature are taken straight from email responses from customers (used with permission of course).

If you do a great job of responding to customer requests, people will naturally give you natural great feedback in their emails back to you — without even asking. Almost without fail, the ones we ASK for come back slimmer, unnatural and almost cold. But the ones that are really great, and help teach you about your own business, are the ones that come from the fruit of your labor!

(Of course, it goes without saying that you have to have a great product/service that provides value to your customer!)

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