Fun Times at Dallas WordCamp 2009

The iThemes team has been on two roadtrips and every time it’s a blast. I’m very thankful to be a part of and lead a passionate team of people who love what they do and enjoy life together!

This latest trip was to Dallas WordCamp 2009. Chris Jean and I have been twice now. It was my fourth WordCamp and it’s always great to meet new people and deepen relationships with existing ones.

We took our OKC staff, including Matt Danner (aka Hiccup aka Twitter-er Extraordinaire aka The Newlywed), Chris Jean (manning the Genius Bar), James Dalman (aka Designated Troublemaker) … and met our new sales consultant for, and iThemes customer, Bryce Raley.

Here are some fun pics that show how truly goofy we are:


  1. I always knew that I should have been a super model. At least you didn’t post the one where it looked like I was ticked at the guy at the Genius Bar (I wasn’t BTW).

  2. Kyle, you definitely need to come so we can finally meet! They are really fun. My wife calls them “NerdCamps.” But I’ve embraced my inner geek.

  3. It twas a blast. I look forward to seeing the office space in Oklahoma City one day.

    I like to have a mental picture of you guys as you grind it out daily- spinning all those plates.

    On a geeky yet novice note, can you please teach me the cool CSS stuff you did with your sidebar widgets?

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