Getting Your Office Ergonomics Right

Over the past month as I’ve gotten increasingly busier with design work, I’ve really realized the need for some good ergonomics. My posture is terrible and my back and shoulder pain is demonstrating that.

For some really good, concise tutorials on how to get your office ergonomics right, check out this outstanding site.

I’m taking much of this advice to heart and making some changes in my office environment.

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Absolutely worth doing. I started developing low back pain when I was just 27 – turns out it was just the beginning of a progressive disease from hell. But initially it presented as musculoskeletal problems and for many years paying attention to ergonomics kept me going at work.

I’d say a good ergonomic office chair is the single most important item for most people with sedentary jobs. After that comes paying attention to the rest of your work station and taking those little tips seriously – for example, the one about getting up to just walk across the room every 30 to 45 minutes instead of staying locked in the same position at your computer for hours.

Also pay attention to the common pointers when it comes to manual work – for example, stooping down to lift heavy things using leg power and not twisting at the same time that you lift are both very important. After you hurt your back once it’s much easier to do again. Unfortunately most people don’t start “watching their backs” until after they’ve developed a problem.

Low back problems are very common among middle aged people so if your back’s still working right, it’s way worth the trouble of developing a few good habits now as compared to developing a back problem which will change your lifestyle a heck of a lot more!

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