Blog Design Costs versus Typical Web Site Design Costs

I’ve seen a couple of blog polls lately asking how much a person would be willing to pay for a custom WordPress theme design … and I just wanted to throw in my perspective on this question, considering I do custom WordPress work and battle with this question a lot …

Think about this: If you look at what website design agencies or firms charge for standard static-type websites and compare it to what most WordPress themers are doing theirs for (including the ones doing the polls), I think you’ll see almost across the board … blog design is a bargain.

I say this because I’ve actually asked some firms what they charge for a typical non-blog website … starting price: $2,000 and up.

Contrast this with $200, $300 … even $500 (all prices I’ve seen on the web and in fact have done themes for myself) … or heck, anything less than $1,000 … and you might see my point.

I’ll admit … I’m making some general statements here. They’re not true in all cases. But generally speaking … blog design from some of the “part timers” like myself are a real bargain.

I’ll also admit … that there are pros and cons of both design types and designers.

One request I get more and more is, “I want to make my blog look more like a website.” As with any content management system though, it takes time to get it to look like more of a polished website …

But the tradeoff is something I love and cherish and why I continue to enjoy develop WordPress designs: Once the final design is finished, it takes almost zero effort in terms of design maintenance to maintain that site.

You don’t need an HTML editor. Just an Internet connection and your login information.

So, I’d just humbly suggest that when you get your next quote from a WP designer, like myself or one of the many insanely talented other ones out there … compare the cost. Pros and cons. Etc. etc.

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  1. As a designer who works primarily in “static site designs” I would agree with you completely. I’ve recently started working with a friend and using a content management system to develop user managed sites in a specific niche market, and I absolutely love the ability to do my design and hand it off to someone who can then run with it and make it their own. I’ve also just started a personal/family blog, and have been so impressed with the WordPress platform and all the designers/developers creating stuff for it that I’m seriously considering learning PHP just to be able to offer custom themes. I’ve been doing this a long time and I see absolutely nothing to complain about the prices people are asking for cutom theme designs. It’s a skill, and it’s a lot of work. A totally custom them for $500 is a serious bargain. By the way, this is the first time I’ve visited your blog. it looks great. I love your logo and the simple, easy on the eyes style.

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