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Have A Dang Good Reason To Interrupt Others

I have a big pet peeve:

Interrupting others

I try very hard not to interrupt. It’s disrespectful to others when you’re always interrupting them.

It’s saying, “I already know what you are saying or going to say and can’t wait to interject my own opinion.”

I try instead to be a good listener. To Listen first. To Understand first.

To give others an appropriate amount of time and space to be heard.

Too many people in this world aren’t heard, let alone seen.

Most people want to simply be heard.

Some times we should interrupt …

I’ve been in one too many situations or meetings where one person did all of the talking. They hogged the stage and filibustered and didn’t let anyone else share.

But when we interrupt we not only show them a lack of respect, we disrupt their thought patterns, we show our opinion matters more, shows a lack of self control and we erode their self confidence.

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