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Help Your Clients Eat the Elephant Too

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to reengage with agencies and freelancers for key services for my projects.

And that’s given me a renewed and updated perspective on client services type work.

I have all kinds of empathy about those who do professional services. Truly.

I served a huge group of you for 10+ years and now do so through Post Status as well.

But I have a big suggestion/recommendation for you ….

Tthe other day, I was interviewing Jennifer Bourn, who preaches and teaches on her Profitable Project Plan, and she was sharing her impressive onboarding process alone (9 days of emails prepping you for a bigger ask).

I saw how good the Client Experience could be. (Wow, Jenn, wow!)

And it made me think about today’s post and urging to those of you doing client services ….

Be sure you’re helping and coaching your clients to eat the elephant too.


It’s important to remember … most of us are juggling 15 other “internal” projects and tasks.

We’re choosing you because we think you can take a load off of us — not put a gigantic one BACK on us.

We are in essence seeking to pay a premium to delegate work TO you, not vice versa.

Now, before you flame me … I readily acknowledge there is SOME work, no matter how good your process is, that we as clients HAVE to do. Totally get that.

From logins, to goals, to context and vision and more.

But it’s likely through your client work, you see your clients getting tripped up or held up, not returning your emails or finishing what you need to move forward.

In this context, these are the Big Client Asks.

There are likely some key things but big things that you need from us that would g0 10 times better for all of us IF … you helped us eat that elephant.

COACH us. Educate us. Walk us through it.

AND most importantly, give us bitesize chunks

That could mean …. jumping on a quick call or sending emails that prep us to start thinking about the Big Ask (think Jenn’s 9 emails before the form).

Chunk it up.
And coach us up.

Promise you everything will be better because of it.


This post is part of my 30 Days of Clicking Publish

2 replies on “Help Your Clients Eat the Elephant Too”

I love this! I’ve found that there are definitely people who get this and have a smooth onboarding process for clients, and others that may not understand what else is going on for a client.

Also, sometimes the time commitment and the money spent on a project may not be aligned. So if an agency isn’t charging enough to do more of that heavy lifting for the client, then it will be felt by the client and it might be a sign to charge a bit more.

Great point, Nathalie! And thanks for stopping by.

All of it is data to help make the experience better for you and your clients.

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