How Do You Design, Code, Tweak Websites?

I was talking with our rockstar frontend developer Nathan Rice the other day and I realized that there seems to be two distinct ways to build and code websites — specifically, for how you cut up PSDs and put the CSS/XHTML code to them, or even tweak and modify sites.

He builds it without previewing it, in an editor and uploads the files … and I build it using the Firefox add-on web developer. Now I realize those might not be the only methods for doing it (using WordPress of course), so I’d like to know how others do it …

I’m a visual guy … I like to see how it’s going to look live, which is why I love my method, where I edit the CSS live then copy and paste the changes into the WP Theme Editor.

Here’s a live video showing how I do it … and our web design toolkit with resource links for my method.

How about you?

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