My New Custom WordPress Theme

It’s been well over a year since I had our chief designer, Ty Carlson, for our Creative Services team redesign my website … but recently asked him to put on a new coat of paint.

Ty is one of the most talented web designers I’ve known, redesigning some of Oklahoma’s largest blog sites this year like The Lost Ogle, so asking him to redo my personal site was a no-brainer but overdue.

I occasionally blog, but it serves mostly as my main portfolio of all the work and projects I’m involved in. This site doesn’t get as much TLC as it needs so if you see something let me know in the comments please.

And if you want to take your site to the next level, contact our Creative Services team here.

How Do You Design, Code, Tweak Websites?

I was talking with our rockstar frontend developer Nathan Rice the other day and I realized that there seems to be two distinct ways to build and code websites — specifically, for how you cut up PSDs and put the CSS/XHTML code to them, or even tweak and modify sites.

He builds it without previewing it, in an editor and uploads the files … and I build it using the Firefox add-on web developer. Now I realize those might not be the only methods for doing it (using WordPress of course), so I’d like to know how others do it …

I’m a visual guy … I like to see how it’s going to look live, which is why I love my method, where I edit the CSS live then copy and paste the changes into the WP Theme Editor.

Here’s a live video showing how I do it … and our web design toolkit with resource links for my method.

How about you?

Project: Perfectly Fit Corporate Services Web Design

We just finished up a web design project for Sean Carey’s Perfectly Fit Corporate Services website.

Sean was a great client to work with and we’re happy to see the final project up and running for him and his business. The site uses WordPress as a content management system, so Sean and his staff can easily update and maintain their site from here on out.

Plus, we believe the new site, along with WordPress and some SEO tweaks, that he’ll see some good prospects from the search engines — one of the great advantages of using WP.

perfectly fit corporate training website

If you’re interested in a web design for your business, contact us for a free quote today!

New Mexico’s Excellent Road Conditions Website

Over the holiday season, my wife and I decided to take a long-delayed snow skiing vacation in the mountains of New Mexico (specifically Angel Fire). Anyway, today, while we were trying to head home, we learned Interstate 40 was closed due to snow conditions — from (believe it or not) Albuquerque to the Texas state line!

Forced to find a hotel on the road, we got one and are now warm and happily cruising the Internet. But after we got in, relatives told us of an excellent website called New Mexico Road Traveler Information Service maintained by the state’s Department of Transportation.

Now, granted, this isn’t run by a for-profit small business … but it’s one handy helpful example of how you can help your customers stay informed of specific emergency news in your industry.

And for a tourist who will be coming back to the beautiful New Mexico mountains … I’m one happy camper … I mean snow skiier!