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How I Get Rid of Guilt

Been thinking over the last week about guilt and its presence and impact in my life … and in those who I care about, so I wrote a length post on the iThemes blog about How to Deal with Guilt.

Here’s an excerpt of how I determine if something is baseless, useless guilt, or actual guilt:

My Self-Assessment of Right or Misplaced Guilt

In each of those examples I gave, I try to ask myself some key questions to better understand my guilt and determine whether it is legitimate or baseless, including:

  • What am I actually feeling guilty about?
  • Why am I feeling guilty?
  • Did I do everything in my power to do what’s right by myself and others?
  • Did my actions reflect my personal values and beliefs?
  • Did I harm or hurt someone?
  • Does the other person(s) have unrealistic expectations about me and my life?

Then with this honest, sobering self-assessment of my attitude and actions, I ask myself:

  • Should I be on the hook for this?
  • Is it really my responsibility or obligation?
  • Is this something I need to change or make amends for? Or is it merely useless and baseless and I need to move on?

Go read the full post on How to Deal with Guilt here.

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