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How to Paste Text From Microsoft Word Into WordPress Blog

If you’ve been using WordPress for long, you know that if you try to simply copy and paste something from Microsoft Word into WordPress, you’ll get a big mess … your theme (aka template) will get messed up … if you’ve used colors or different fonts in the Word document, you’ll see all shades of wierdness in WordPress.

In the process of helping out a client, I think I’ve found a solution to this problem … it’s called the WordPress Plain Text Plugin.

paste from microsoft word

Here how it works:
After you install it, you copy your text from your Microsoft Word document, then toggle over to your WordPress window and “Write Post” … in the WYIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor located underneath the Title box, you’ll see a couple new icons … with your mouse, hover over then to the “Paste from Word” one … click that … then paste your text into there and click “Insert.”

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