How to Start An Online Business

In this new StartupSofa training event, I wanted to offer our blueprint for starting online, digital products businesses, based on our three years of experiences starting one at iThemes.

Below you’ll find the video recording, an MP3 audio download and the slides.

Here are some of the things I covered:

  • Intro: The Bootstrapped Online Startup – What is It?
  • Our Startup Formula
  • The Product
  • Know Everything Will Change
  • Launch and Improve
  • The Champion, You
  • Marketing It
  • Selling It
  • Pricing It
  • Supporting It
  • On Always Improving and Innovating

Video Replay

Slides Only Replay

Audio Download
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  1. Wow started to watch the video then realised how long it is. I will have to come back when I have some more time to spend watching, it looks like it will be very useful thanks for sharing.

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