How to Start Your Own WordPress Web Development Business Today

I remember the first weeks and months of trying to break into the web design field …

It was hard. It was drastically different from my print design background (my first career was as a newspaper journalist). There were so many things to learn.

After I learned some basic CSS skills, like what to look for and how to edit it, (here’s my tutorial resource for web design) and saw the awesome potential for using WordPress as a CMS, my primary was having a base theme toolkit so I can customize them for my clients.

I didn’t want to and frankly, I couldn’t have, started from scratch. (Nearly three years later, I know of only a couple of people now who do or can!)

But the best and easiest for me (and my clients) was finding some foundational themes that I could take and tweak to my liking.

So at iThemes, we took this thought … and have unveiled our WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit

If you buy it today, you get access to over 30 themes at your disposal for WordPress projects — our entire theme vault as well as our popular plugins like BackupBuddy, iThemes Exchange and iThemes Security!

It’s more than a theme club — it’s an opportunity to build a freelance web design business with WordPress. We’ve even included special unbranded WordPress screencast tutorials that you can upload to your site so you don’t have to reteach your clients the basics of WP.

James, our “creative architect” who ran a successful design business prior to coming to iThemes, posted a great article listing some ways you can start your web design business.

Our passion is helping aspiring web developers … and all our packages are geared toward them (the multi-use licenses allow you to use our themes on multiple client and personal sites and as such are a true bargain!). If you do the math, you’re getting these themes – with multi-use licenses – for under $20 a theme.

Check out the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit and get started!

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