Ideas Suck, Starting With Discovery, Then a Shotgun

Been trying to get the content machine going again and decided to record a couple quick thoughts via my voice recorder. Both of these are around 1-2 minutes in length. 

I’m publishing these to open source my thoughts as I begin the phase I’m terming as “Starting Again” and hoping they are helpful for others considering new businesses or products or services.

The first is Ideas Suck. It’s all about Discovery. Talking to people and unearthing themes and needs to pair with possible solutions.

The second is about the Shotgun Approach. It’s been my MO for publishing ideas and also launching products.



  • I recorded these from my phone and hearing aides. I’m sorry about the quality but I wanted to Click Publish. Overall I’m trying my view about publishing audio in particular is start with just something and publish it. Then improve quality over time. I’m working on next stage improvements for audio like and Lindsey and I’s This Ridiculous Life podcast.
  • Getting audio from iPhone or even other devides to MP3 for quick upload to the web is extremely frustrating.
  • Last, with the popularity of podcasting, I’m wondering and experimenting with shorter format mini-episodes like this.

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There are several apps which I have used for recording conversations or notes that store the file direct into your Dropbox which then makes it really easy for transfer and editing.

And there is a great audio processing service called Auphonic which vastly improves your audio automatically for you – noise levelling, remove background noise etc etc. ven has integration with several computer voice recognition services to produce transcripts.


Dale, thanks so much for this. I’ve got Auphonic on my phone now and looking forward to trying the service.

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