Introducing Movable Type Themes, Template Sets from iThemes

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Today, we’ve officially rolled out our Movable Type Theme Store.

It’s been a couple months in the making, but we’re pleased with the warm, welcoming reception we’ve gotten from SixApart, makers of Movable Type.

We’ve taken two of our most popular themes (Essence and Success) and ported them into Movable Type 4 to start. (We’re taking pre-orders for Essence, which should be done shortly.)

Our hope is to get feedback from the MT community on what they actually want (since admittedly, we’re new to MT).

We’ll still be offering premium WordPress themes, but will begin venturing into taking that same innovative design, functionality and creativity into Movable Type.

Part of the design to move into the Movable Type arena has been an obvious need for quality templates for a solid, robust publishing system … and the extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere we’ve gotten from SixApart and the gang there.

Go check out our Movable Type Theme Store here.

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