Know, Like, Trust: My New Emphasis on ‘Like’

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I got introduced to the concept of “Know, Like, and Trust” concept of marketing a while back … and it’s slowly starting to sink in for me bit by bit.

The part about “like” is something, I admit, I haven’t fully understood … until I started thinking about the personalities behind some of the hot, rising sites or services online and the businesses.

A large number of those sites have one key thing in common: a personality.

Sometimes it’s a big one, but most always it’s someone that people ‘like’ enough to follow, or buy their stuff.

Our guys at iThemes have encouraged me to think about being more transparent with our plans and thoughts for the company (and our themes) with the people who pay our salaries and bills — our customers.

For me, that translates into being more personable as a business …

I think the more personable and even more transparent we are, the more people who know us … will LIKE us.

One way I’m hoping to do that is by introducing our customers to the individuals who design, build, extend and support their themes.

So with this in mind, we, almost on a whim, started iThemesTV … roughly, I’m thinking it’ll turn into a vidcast of sorts … with part video, part screen recording, part light, goofy humor that we share within our 5-person team … that will talk about our themes, the benefits and features in them, and some of the backstory of it all.

Our programmer Chris and I did a radio Q&A like deal for the first episode here … he had a lot of fun putting in the little subtitle-like comic clouds which are scattered throughout our little talk.

The audio’s terrible — we were handing a headset mic to each other — but I hope you like us a little more because of it … or at least a laugh at our expense!

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