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I might be biased in this regard, but most career professionals should have some set of basic web design and coding skills.

Although I think it’s equally useful in large corporations, if you’re in a smaller organization, where there isn’t an “IT department,” “webmaster” or someone whose primary role is to maintain the web presence, you’re going to standout.

More and more the Internet is the hub for all business interactions. Being familiar with HTML and CSS as well as content management systems, social networks and other web software will only help set you apart from others.

And basic HTML and CSS skills aren’t hard to pick up. (If I can do it, so can you!)

In fact, we’ve got a number of getting started HTML and CSS classes at WebDesign.com.

Action Steps: The best way to learn HTML and CSS (or anything else) is to use them in a real-life project. And for career pros, that means building your own blog using WordPress and then learning how to edit your design. You’re going to need to tinker and tweak your own blog or website at night and on weekends. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve learned in my career.


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