My New Blog about Work-Life Alignment

As I’ve looked back on my life, I have a couple of themes that I’m passionate about. And for the ones that rise to the top and that I can’t stop talking about or having an opinion on, I just start a blog around that topic. 

For my passion of entrepreneurship and for helping people start businesses, I started Startup Sofa. It’s been around for over a year now and I still blog on it about once a month.

But one other passion (and theme of my life) that I just couldn’t shake was about work. About work-life alignment. And my core value, philosophy or whatever you want to call it that work should be about the profitable pursuit of fulfilling your purpose while following your passions.

Plus my post on How to Be a Professional is consistently by far the most visited post on the Startup Sofa blog. And I needed an outlet for all this that went beyond entrepreneurship.

So with the help of my wife Lindsey we came up with a name for this new blog called Purposeful Paychecks.

I just did my first post on this new career advice blog … and have also had an ebook titled “I Want To Hire You … but Your Resume Sucks” in the works for a couple of months now.

I figure by announcing the blog it’ll give me the momentum or accountability to finish it (it’s not over 6000 words).

But I have much to say (I think) on this subject of finding meaningful work and I’m eager to share it. So go signup for the community email at Purposeful Paychecks today.





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