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My New Book: I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks

I just launched my new ebook called “I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks,” filled with 30+ tips to get a job.  It’s packed with things I’ve learned as both an employer and employee.

Here’s a snippet about what it’s about really ….

A resume is just piece of paper. But it’s also a brochure that sells your services to employers.

But the fact is: Most resumes suck.

Not because of the paper or even format, but because you haven’t done the work building the key areas employers look for to make it rock.

The statistics about those who are underemployed or unemployed are depressing.

I have some theories on why those stats exist. Namely, you aren’t ready for a real job.

You haven’t done the work to GET hired. But I want to help.

In “I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks,” I give you 30+ tips for how to start doing the things that will make you an attractive free agent to prospective employers.

Warning: They will cost you mostly time and energy. But you should have a lot of that on your hands.

You can get this ebook for free by joining my new blog community at Purposeful Paychecks where I’m going to be talking about work-life alignment and offering blunt career advice.

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