My Next Free WordPress Theme Release: A Simple NotePad

Just looking at some of the free WordPress themes out there … I couldn’t help but think there needed to be a theme where someone could just jot their notes … or research … or scribbles of short thoughts using WordPress.

The obstacle I saw is that so many themes are designed for lots of content …. but not too many for just scribbling your random thoughts.

Today, I’m introducing NotePad … a single column, minimal theme designed for just that occasion … taking notes.

rockin notepad

I designed this theme so that someone who just wanted to use the muscle of WordPress for storing, searching, catagorizing their notes or ideas could do so with minimal effort.

So at the bottom of each post or page is a search box. The orange tabs at the top are automatically generated when you create a Page.

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  1. You know, you could turn that into a book project blog. Add in, say, 4 “side bars” for notes etc. Character biographies, background info, stray facts using something like as asides or miniblog plug-in.

    Now if there were some way that one could have different ‘functions’ in a sidebar on different pages. So that a set of links in sidebar 1 of page 9 are different from the links in sidebar 1 of page 23 are different. (And widgetized, you can’t forget the widgets. 🙂 )

  2. I agree ALAN, VERY MUCH.

    I wish there was a different way to have different sidebars on different pages that I create via MANAGE>PAGES in the dashboard. I can’t figure it out!!!!

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