My Next Venture is Live: Leader.Team

After months of preparation and planning, I’m excited today to rollout Leader.Team officially with my co-founder Jeff Meziere.

Our vision is simple:

to build a community of dynamic leaders, who want to learn and grow, together.

When I first became a leader of a team over 10+ years ago, I remember how scared I was and inadequate I felt. Being a leader and manager was often a daunting task, without much support, and as my team grew so did those feelings as well as the pressure and responsibility.

What I yearned for most as a leader and came to rely on later was having a set of trusted peers that I could share perspectives and experiences with to learn and grow, and get feedback and support on the challenges and struggles we all face on the never-ending road of leadership.

A few years into my first role as a leader, I found all of that and more in a peer group based in Oklahoma City, where I live.

Being a part of that peer group changed my life for the better. (One of the members of that group, by the way, was my co-founder, Jeff.)

I can point back to that group as a catalyst for my growth and success as a leader. It’s been so impactful on my life that I helped start two other in-person groups.

And today …. we want to offer a similar experience for you.

We’re rolling out Leader Huddles which are facilitated online peer groups of 4-8 leaders, meeting once a month for 90 minutes to learn and grow, and support and encourage each other.

Our first Leader Huddles are forming this month!

Go check out the details on our Leader Huddles and sign up today!

And if you have questions, please hit our contact form or schedule a discovery call with us.

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