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Taking Care Of Yourself as a Leader

One of the most neglected yet essentials of leadership is self-care and support.

This Wednesday, I’ll be sharing my experiences managing the ups and downs and share keys for how I take (better) care of myself now.

Self-Care and Support for Leaders – Signup Here

By the way …. one of the critical keys of support I’ll share live on the webinar has been my peer group (who I’ve walked with for 8+ years now). The exponential impact to my success and happiness of that one group inspired Jeff and I to offer our new¬†Leader Huddles.

You’ll also want to signup for my partner Jeff’s webinar on strategic business cadence on May 23 at 11 a.m. Central.

Jeff has been facilitating strategic progress meetings for clients for years. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some recently and he’s got a real gift for asking the critical questions that need to be asked in order to move the agenda forward. He’ll be sharing takeaways and tips for making the most of your key meetings that drive progress.

Establishing Your Strategic Business Cadence – Signup Here

We’ll be rolling out more webinars like these in the coming weeks at Leader.Team!

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