My Next Two 4-Week Small Groups on Leadership

Last week I wrapped up my first small group on leadership and based on preliminary feedback it was well received. (Still am super super grateful for and inspired by the outstanding members of my first-ever group!)

So I took what I learned from my first group, made some tweaks and am excited to announce two new 4-week groups on leadership, starting in June 2019

Here are some of the edits and new offerings based on what I learned:

  • Journaling challenges and prompts were well received. Over and over the group talked about the journaling process and challenges I gave. So this will be a continued emphasis as I believe it helps cements learning. Additionally, writing is a key practice of leadership and journaling (privately) or blogging (publicly) is a way to hone your communication skills, share your values, stories and more. I’ve got some other ideas to help establish this leadership practice too that I’ll be rolling out as part of these two new groups.
  • Shortened to four weeks instead of five. I don’t want these groups to feel overwhelming or too much. And I made some natural tweaks to consolidate, streamline the content each week to do so. I’ll also be pre-recording content for members to watch before the meeting in order to allow for more group discussion time.
  • Limited to 6 members plus me. Originally I said it’d be better, but 6 was just right to allow for each member to participate and share.
  • New one-on-one coaching meeting with me before our group gets started. Essentially I want to know more about each person before we get started so I can offer specific support during our group time.
  • New private Slack channel for conversations between meetings and access to me. I also wanted to offer a way for our group to stay connected down the road.
  • Offering two groups this time on different days. One on Tuesdays and the other on Wednesdays. It seemed like Thursdays worked for this group, but June presents some scheduling conflicts for me, and I wanted to offer and test new meeting day options.
  • Nominate or sign up one of your leaders. We had a forward-thinking organization and leader purchase membership for two of their leaders, which is an incredible investment. If you’d like to sign up one of your leaders, you can use the signup links below in this post.
  • Not the right time? Several people pinged me after our group started and so you can now Join our Wait List here.
  • Kept price the same for now. Due to the new bonuses (one on one with me and private Slack access), I intended to raise the price … but for these next two groups I want to keep the barrier low enough for more leaders to get access to these groups. So for a limited time, I’m offering these two new groups at $497 each. 

I can’t wait for the next round of peer leaders in these two new groups! Come join me or send one of your leaders!

Go signup for my new 4-week groups on leadership at Leader.Team

Purchase for another leader on Tuesdays …. or Purchase for another leader on Wednesdays.


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