Need a Quick Kick in the Pants to Release Your Work?

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In 2006, I clicked publish on a blog and it forever changed my life. Since then I’ve kept clicking publish, taking chances, and putting my work, opinions, ideas out there for the world to see (and hopefully be changed for the better).

I commissioned this illustration by my friend James Dalman to highlight my talks about this life philsophy that I’ve been calling The Click Publish Moment, when you take that big bold step of releasing your work into the light of day, and for the world to see.

Click Publish Poster


You can listen to the Click Publish Keynote I did here and 5-minute lightning talk here. Also my Click Publish talk slides are here.

If any of this helps you Click Publish and let your work see the light of day, I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and download and print the Click Publish Poster PDF here

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1 thought on “Need a Quick Kick in the Pants to Release Your Work?”

  1. Great article (and illustration to visualize it) Cory. Been following you since your very first “click publish” moment and always inspired by your success (and not just financial success). Thanks for sharing. Look forward to where you take iThemes (and your other projects) in the future.

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