On Creating Blog Spillover Success

It’s been neat over the last year to watch my traffic on my various blogs … including the most trafficked blogs and how, as I have interlinked them, the traffic spills over to the others.

Of course, spillover traffic on each blog isn’t 100 percent … not even close. But there is a smaller, but healthy percentage that jump off to each blog.

The high traffic days are the ones I like to watch the spillover effect as the greater numbers are revealing … 1. of how well my links are placed … and 2. what people are actually interested in.

When I created my first blog, I naively thought I could translate all the momentum from that first blog to other niche blogs. But that of course isn’t always the case.

I wonder though about huge blogs like TechCrunch … and how they create, and with what results, spillover success to their other newer sister blogs, like CrunchNotes or MobileCrunch.

One observation I’ve made through my spillover efforts is that you can rally some momentum from existing, popular blogs … but the key is … producing consistent, great, niche content for a targeted audience.

The power is in the content!

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  1. I just found your blog through a link on Penelope Trunk’s blog. When I saw that you’re in OKC, I thought I’d post a comment. Express(we’re headquarted in OKC) just started a career blog so we’ll be sure to check out the tips you’ve written on increasing traffic!

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