Reflections on 30 Days of Clicking Publish

Tammie wrote her takeaways here and I want to share mine.

So here are my takeaways and reflections on Clicking Publish for 30+ days:

  1. I LOVED IT! — And I want to grow it. It was a blast. I forgot how fun Clicking Publish was and is.
  2. It became an AMAZING keystone habit for me — domino’d into other areas of my life, including exercise.
  3. Habits take time and planning — no getting around it. You can make it easier on yourself, try to automated things but habits simply take time. I loved the time I spent writing though! It reinvigorated me.
  4. Stayed focused on just writing just enough to convey a concept — Not on making it SEO friendly or even comprehensive. In fact, I did the opposite and it helped me keep Clicking Publish.
  5. I made a bunch of mistakes — And I’m OK with that. A couple of things were taken not as I intended and I tried to clarify. I know I made spelling and grammar mistakes but mostly reading back I know they lacked polish. I’d love to have an editor and coach for these going froward.
  6. Get on it early — get ahead, stay ahead. Sometimes I fell behind. But simmering on ideas was key and having a running idea list that is LOOOOOOONG and fun.
  7. Determining the idea was the tougher part — This follows the previous
  8. Tons of promotional benefits — I somehow forgot that when you put your work or ideas into the world it has a resonating effect and impact. I got a ton of RTs, tweets, DMs, comments and email subscribers! Additionally a great developer at Post Status also built a functioning site to use for future Click Publish
  9. Discovered some things I want to return to — I’m someone that needs to rehearse, particularly ideas and opinions. But along the way I discovered some concepts I want to lean into, flesh out, expand. This is exactly as I thought it would go, or better.
  10. Tech can get in the way of best intentions — You can have all the energy and motivation and then …. tech will cause you to stumble and be deflating. And I love tech. i.e. noticed some buggy things in the WordPress App (and need to report them).
  11. Stack up multiple benefits — as I Clicked Publish there were so many benefits that kept stacking up. A takeaway for my life and habits is to have a primary motivator for anything I do, but then to maximize the benefits of it. I’ll talk about what’s next in a bit.

As you can see I’m really pumped!

AND yes, I’m going to keep going …. but this week I’m working on a new Click Publish one that syncs learning, rehearsal and a new platform to lean in on. Stay tuned!


This post is part of my 30 Days of Clicking Publish

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