See What Companies Employees Are Flocking To With LinkedIn’s Insightful Statistics

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For the last couple of hours, I’ve been fascinated with exploring “Companies” on LinkedIn when I stumbled onto a link on most company profile on the right sidebar that says “Check out insightful statistics about [company] employees >>”

To find this, simply add “insights” to the end of any company profile URL. Such as:

What I’ve found most interesting is the actual statistics called Before and After, showing what companies were before and after the company profile you’re viewing.

Meaning this shows where the biggest collection of employees came from BEFORE they got to the Current Company Profile you’re viewing … and THEN even more interesting to me is where they went AFTER the Current Company Profile.

So I started surfing some of the big company profiles to see if I could see some trends like:

  • Where are new startups or companies getting their biggest employees from? (Sorry, Yahoo!)
  • Where are employees going (even in the “hot” startups)? (All over the place)
  • Could you see if there was movement and momentum toward a hot new startup?
  • What kinds of companies do employees migrate from? (Establish computers to hot startups?)

Granted, this is not a pure scientific study. I’m just looking for trends, but it was indeed interesting. They will in fact change over time do to a number of reasons.

I’d love for you to post comments on trends you might be seeing too in the Comments on this post.

Check out the screenshots of some of the companies that are hot and trending, or just a company I like and admire with captions for some things that stuck out to me:


Facebook Insights: More Googlers come to Facebook than leave. But Facebookers left for Stanford University and Zynga?
Apple Insights: Apple Retail. Period. Interesting. But it would seem Apple employees come from more tradition computer companies (IBM & HP) but they also migrate back to some of those including Microsoft with 292!

DropBoxDropBoxDropBoxDropBoxDropBoxDropBoxCheck out more ‘hot’ companies here:

  • Google – pulls over 1300 from Microsoft!
  • LinkedIn – yes, LinkedIn’s own stats include losing some to Zynga and Stanford
  • Automattic – the company behind and other ventures got 3 people from Sphere
  • Airbnb – got 12 people from Google
  • Box – pulled 21 from
  • Evernote – snagged some from CoreStreet and Vignette which made me curious to learn more about them
  • Tumblr – got people from Google but also Square, which shocked me a tad
  • Meetup – lost 3 to Etsy
  • Etsy – 3 people left to go to which I’d never heard of
  • Square – got 31 from Google but lost 3 to Tumblr
  • Ebay – take from Yahoo and give to Google, but also one I didn’t know before called Cognizant Technology
  • Paypal – take from old school and give to Google, LinkedIn and Apple but a group also went to security giant Symantec
  • – they got a bunch of people from consulting firm Accenture
  • Stanford University – they lose the most to … Google.

How to Use This in Your Career Search? I’ll do a post on that next.

In the meantime … see something else I don’t? Post your observations in the comments.

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