Skype Wants to Welcome Me Back

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I was just cleaning out some programs on my computer that I don’t ever use … you know those ones where the icon sits on your desktop forever, but you never click it. Or worse, the one that boots up with your computer automatically but is an irritation.

Well, I wouldn’t say Skype was one of these (I just never used it) … but when I removed it today, I was sent to a “We’re Sorry To See You Go” screen, which I thought was an outstanding way for them to try to keep you as a customer.

Here’s a screenshot:


The screen says “Did you have problems? We can help.” And another great text says: “We’d love to welcome you back, download now,” along with a listing of some neat benefits to the web phone service.

Now THAT’S the way to try and close your backdoor to your business!

How many people are you losing out your back door, but could keep a portion of them from leaving with something like this?

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