Social Media Tip: Sign Up Early

In the last couple of months, I’ve been using Twitter more and more for business and relationship building.

It took me a while to see some tangible benefits to using Twitter, especially, but I finally came around when Nathan told me I had a bunch of people following me on the service (because I got linked on different posts).

Each day I see a little increase in people following … but it occurred to me that it’s key to adopt the hot web 2.0 technologies early. (As of this writing, I have 1,414 following me on Twitter … and that account set dormant for months before I actually used it.)

So each new business venture we do includes starting a Twitter account for each (as we typically do standard by starting blogs and email newsletters for them) … here’s our iThemes one and now our Happy Joe one.

I tend to look at Twitter for our ventures like I do our an email newsletters … keeping customers and prospects up to speed on what we’re doing, new products, etc.

So here’s the tip … get an account, display the profile address prominently (on your blog and I also put it in my email signature) … and start building momentum early!

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