Start-Up Junkies: A TV Show about Serial Entrepreneurs

I just found a TV show that “follows serial entrepreneurs who thrive on the excitement of working on new ventures” on Hulu called Start-Up Junkies.

There’s 8 episodes online and I’ve already watched 6 so far. This particular season follow Earth Class Mail, a service that allows you to get your postal mail online.

As a recent startup entrepreneur myself, I’ve learned a lot about the fascinating world of venture capital and this neat startup venture through watching Earth Class Mail’s CEO Rob Wiener explain things and the pop-up explainer boxes that appear in the episodes.

I can share in some of the highs and lows of Earth Class Mail’s staff and leadership as I’ve been through many of the same experiences — albeit a bit smaller!

It’s a great introduction and education to the world of startups … go check it out.

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