The Perfect Upsell: iTunes Recommends Music

Businesses are always trying to find the upsell …

They, we, me realize that when a customer makes a purchase … a first purchase, or any purchase, that’s a HUGE event in the life of any business.

One customer.

We believe this because to, first, find a customer … to get them to “know, like, trust” you where they actually BUY from you … is an incredibly expensive, time-consuming, in-depth process.

And so the upsell is all about getting that customer to then buy something else from you … often at the time of the first purchase.

So tonight, I’m absolutely wearing out the Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles and I finally decide to buy it from iTunes.

When I buy it, I see a new window called Recommendations above (see photo) … where it lists some other musical selectsion I might like (I don’t) … but often, I’ve consulted the Top Hits and Most Popular type lists on iTunes to discover new music (I’ve got very wierd tastes).

Anyway … I love the upsell … I bought one track … now iTunes suggest 5 more. And at my mouse click, I can press Play and listen, and of course Buy.

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