Turning Boring Products into Incredibles One

So today, I saw an ad on ESPN for Fathead, a wall-sized vinyl graphics of your favorite sports team (plus a whole lot more), and decided to check it out.

Here’s something fascinating to me … they took a boring manufactured product — vinyl graphics — and brought it into millions of fans living rooms (or maybe the spare room their wife gives them).

Then Fathead and vinyl graphics made me think about duct tape — an incredibly BORING product.

But I remember seeing a book like 100 ways to use duct tape (I’m not sure if it was this one).

So I Googled it and found a website devoted to Duct Tape Fashion then a Club.

Anyway … all of this to say, it made me ask these questions:

  • How can we leverage our products in creative, unique ways to broader our market?
  • Or heck, what markets are we missing already?
  • And also, what tools and resources (like blog posts, ebooks) could we create to help showcase the use of our products?

By the way, I thought it was interesting that Fathead is well-financed and connected … they are owned by this company, which owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers (I’m sure that helped with licensing issues) and Quicken Loans.

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