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Tweak and Test, Tweak and Test

The beauty of the web is that you can instantly change things and quickly see how they work.

It’s so fast and caters to my drive to constantly improve what I’m doing on the web.

And with statistics programs like Google Analytics, I can look back and quickly see if what I’ve done has worked, or failed miserably.

So my mantra is: Tweak and Test. Repeat.

I’m constantly tweaking, changing, tinkering with my sites to help them achieve my goals and objectives more efficiently. It still amazes me when I look at my stats after I tinker, or how full my email inbox is (or empty) when I make a change.

Here are some quick steps for how I go about tweaking and testing on the web:

  1. Get a good stats program so you can compare what you’ve done.
  2. Read broadly. Online and offline.
  3. See what others are doing and test those tactics.
  4. Focus on your goals and objectives.


Today, I retooled my blog design page after realizing a lot of my prospective clients were asking similar questions and looking for similar things. I want to help qualify them better for a sale, so I can more easily close the deal. (Another benefit is not having to repeat certain things in my email correspondence!)

But also, after doing some research on creating effective landing pages and reviewing my stats for the last month, I realized I could tweak this vital page, consolidate other pages into one, and test it for a couple of weeks.

I’ll probably tinker with the wording quite a bit. In fact, probably obsessively. But I know that the right words, the right flow will help me achieve my goals for my business.

So, we’ll see how it works … if it doesn’t … it’s time to tweak again.

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