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Twitter Official Blog on Blogger?!

I’ve been using Twitter for over a month now (find me at corymiller303) … and most, if not all, the people I follow on this hot Web 2.0 communications platform use WordPress for their blogs … but Twitter doesn’t!

Their official blog is on Blogger.

Now, this might seem trivial … and I’m sure “new blogging platform” isn’t even on their priority radar, but I’m sure somebody at Automattic or one of their thousands of WP users might offer to help them make the switch.

Heck … we’d do it for them! How about it Twitter?

2 replies on “Twitter Official Blog on Blogger?!”

I think the answer is as simple as the founders of Twitter found Blogger years ago, after they sold it to Google. It’s a good thing keeping in touch with the products you create 🙂 .

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