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me and my nephewI’ve been using Adobe Photoshop, the market leader in image editing software, for well over 10 years and there are still things I haven’t learned yet. Now Adobe is offering their Adobe Photoshop Express version online for free.

This is great news for those of us (i.e. bloggers) who don’t want to plunk down a couple hundred dollars for the full Photoshop version.

I got a free account and did a quick test on the photo in this post of me and my new nephew H.D. Miller to see how it worked. It’s pretty neat. Professional or advanced users of Photoshop will of course hate this version because it lacks features and is slower. But for bloggers or home users, it’s great.

One feature I love is after I cropped the photo, I clicked on the Embed option and it automatically copied it to my clipboard …. then to put it in this post, I just pasted in the embed code.

Right there, it saved two pretty vital steps for most WP bloggers: cropping the photo and getting it into a post.

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